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    MS Access-comparable software
    Hey all. I've been lurking for about a week or so. I'm a recent (4 months ago) convert from Windows to Mac OS. I'm absolutely loving it and can't see myself ever going back.

    I've recently learned that Mac doesn't support MS Access. That's a bummer since my office database is in access. One option is to use Access in VWFusion but I'd like to find out what my other options are.

    I have a pretty simple database. Company name, Contact name, year and about 20 yes/no fields for each company. I do one query: Lookup all companies with a certain year that have a certain yes/no field checked. For example: Look up all companies that have "IsRegistered" field checked in year 2008. That's it.

    I just want a simple database program with a good GUI that can export results to an excel file or spreadsheet equivalent so that I can easily import it to the Access version of the database on other office computers.

    Can anyone suggest a good program? I'm willing to pay for it, it does not have to be freeware.

    Thanks in advance and I hope I can eventually be a productive member of this site.

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    Bento or perhaps it's more powerful brother Filemaker Pro.
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    Two possibilities that I know of: 1) NeoOffice (free). Just export your Access database to .xls format and then reopen it in NeoOffice, then save to db format. or, 2) Bento. I just downloaded the trial version and am very impressed with it. In fact I am converting my file (2200 plus) and plan of purchasing Bento. Bento is the nicer looking of the two.

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