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Thread: 'Classic' mode

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    'Classic' mode
    When I try to play older games, like Dyno Tycoon, it tells me that it can't play them because 'classic mode is no longer available' or something like that. Is this because the new machines are Intel based and is there anyway to get around it?

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    It's partly down to the Intel chips, although most PPC functions can be emulated using Rosetta, but it's more down to Leopard no longer supporting OS Classic.

    There are ways around it, although I am not sure how legitimate some of them are. One I know is pretty ok is something called Sheepshaver, which emulates a PPC runtime environment. You can install OS 7 - OS 9 assuming you have the disks, and run your applications from within them.

    More information here

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    I second sheepshaver. But it is a real mongrel to get working properly. If you need an OS 9 machine I'd suggest getting an old G3 or whatever you can afford. That's run it all rather nicely.

    I have gotten sheepshaver to work, not perfectly mind you, but it ran.

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