OK, since upgrading to Logic Studio 8 (Pro) from Logic 7, I have been having a lot of fun. However, I noticed recently that some of my EXS interments seemed to have vanished. It's the Pianos mainly, although the odd synth has also gone too.

I've checked my instrument samples under /library/Application Support/Logic/EXS Factory Samples and can see that the samples it's looking for are not there. I reinstalled Logic 8 (only the Core application as installing 40GBs of JamPacks again didn't appeal) and the instruments are still not there. Now I know for sure that they were there when I first installed it, because the Yamaha Grand Piano was the very 1st patch I tried out.

I think what may have happened is that these samples were originally in my Logic 7 libraries or even my Garageband libraries, and I purged these to save on disk space a few weeks ago. I don't think the EXS samples are on a disk to simply add to my HDD again, so it may mean un-installing the whole app from scratch. If anyone knows anything different, please tell me before I blow my Sunday night trying to fix this!