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    Safari > Automatically login when using a bookmark (1password??)
    Hi, im new to Macs, so im trying to figure out how to get the most use out of my new macbook.

    I've fell in love with safari already, so im trying to figure out how to get the most out of it, since im going to use it at my job.

    I have 2 websites that i use ALOT on work, one is webmail, and one is our supportsystem. Both these pages prompt me to login everytime i visit them, and i want to be able to just press a link, and then it should go to the link, enter my user name and pass, and submit it so i am ready to work.

    I've gotten this to work in firefox already using imacros, but i really want to have it work in safari too as i like safari more
    So i've saved a form for the page, and everytime i visit the page, i can reload the form, and it works perfectly. So i want to assign this form to a bookmark or something so that i am able to just jump to the website and login in one click. How can i do this? I also installed the AllBookmarks app but it can't seem to help me either.

    Is there anyway to do what i want to do?

    I hope you can help me! Thanks in advance.

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    It looks like you've (almost) answered your own question. 1Password will (almost) do what you want. Once you select your bookmark and the page downloads, you'll still have to click on the 1Password icon and manually select "Restore Form _____", where _____ is the name you've given the page you're trying to log on to. It's well worth the price if you ask me.

    I'm a recent switcher (December 2007; 2.4GHz iMac) and I was dependent on RoboForm to remember my passwords and logins in Windows. 1Password is the closest thing to RoboForm on the Mac that I've found and (again) well worth it's price IMO.

    I purchased the Family Pack knowing that I'd one day need to install it on more than one Mac. My refurbed 2.8 octo-core Mac Pro arrives Tuesday and 1Password will be one of the first programs I install.


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    Yeah well, that's not exactly enough really. All i really want is for safari to automatically press the submit button(login). It does automatically supply the login details, so if it could just submit it too, it would be great.

    Is that not possible?

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