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    freeware like CS3 and Painter for Mac

    Does anyone know if there is something similar to CS3 and painter X for Mac ?

    You know how Neooffice has everything in one package...


    I tried some stuff like scribe but its for universal and I have intel. so no luck.
    Please help!

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    try Gimp for image manip like photoshop, and inkscape for vector graphics.

    and about universal:
    universal is an app type that works on both intel and ppc macs, so to help the 'transition' to intel macs. so it should work, or were u scared to down' it?

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    Well it's not free, but ArtRage is a very inexpensive alternative to Painter.


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    Macbook Pro - iPhone now has an edit option that you can do QUITE a bit with, add text, crop, resize, blemish & wrinkle remover, add border, add "stamps" effects etc etc. Its pretty extensive and useful, and completely free.
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