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Thread: p2p vs torrents

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    May 06, 2008
    Question p2p vs torrents
    Can somebody explain the difference between these two?

    And can somebody tell me what p2p software should I use for Leopard, since some of them don't work (limewire, frostwire) etc. They just seem to close after a while of being opened.

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    They are both very similar. A torrent is a type of P2P (peer to peer) sharing concept.

    The big difference is basically:

    -P2P Programs are just programs with everything built-in.

    ~Torrent has files seeded from other websites and uses a program to extract and download the file.

    I don't want to go too far due to the rule(s):

    Illegal Activity: We choose to follow United States law in regard to what is permissible to be discussed here. Therefore discussion of illegal file sharing, cracked programs, requests for serial numbers, and any other breaches of copyright or other illegal activity are not allowed in these forums.
    So just use google next time.


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    May 06, 2008
    thanks and sorry for that... can somebody tell me what are the best p2p software for mac?

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    Mar 11, 2008
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    Transmission for Torrents (i use this, absolutely amazing, and its free!)

    Acquisition for p2p based on gnutella network (very solid, also supports torrents, but costs money...)

    Cabos p2p (I use this for single files, aka not very often, free)

    try to stay away from Limewire, as its poorly built IMO

    any questions, ask

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    I'm just curious... what do people use torrents and P2P software for other than illegally downloading music... I've never seen the need to even have them on my computer.
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    Many versions of Linux are distributed using bittorrent, plus lots of other legitimate software and media that is freely available (creative commons, royalty free, etc.). Just do a seach on legal bittorrent sites.

    Bittorrent has the advantage that it's quick and reliable, plus the item being distributed does not have to be hosted on dedicated servers, consuming space and bandwidth, therefore it appeals to authors of free works as a low cost distribution model. I recently obtained the latest version of Ubuntu (a 4.3Gb download) using bittorrent which is perfectly legal.

    Sadly, because it's so efficient, it's attracted all the people who also want to share and obtain stuff illegally which has tarnished the image of what is otherwise a perfectly acceptable means of transmitting files. That's humans for you!

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