This has been driving me nuts this afternoon, and I'm sure there must be a simple answer

In my System Preferences (OSX 10.5.2), I have the system set to use the 12-hour clock format with the AM/PM indicator, e.g. 07:05AM or 10:15PM. When I create calendar entries in Entourage, it lets me set the time using the 12-hour AM/PM format as I'd expect. However, it then insists on using the 24-hour clock format to display entries in the Month view of my calendar!! Everywhere else it's fine, eg Day, Week and List views of my calendar. It's a pain because it also drops off the AM/PM inicator, so entries show up as "9 Call Work" rather that "09:00AM Call Work".

According to the Entourage Help, Entourage uses the date/time format set in your System Preferences. I have checked the settings and it's correct, also I have Entourage set to sync with iCal and entries get shown in iCal correctly, e.g. "09:00AM Call work".

I've got the latest Office 2008 updates installed, and I've seen screenshots of the Month view in Entourage calendar showing times correctly in 12-hour format. So, any ideas why Entourage might be ignoring my system settings for displaying the Month view?