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Thread: Best Web Browser for Mac

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    Best Web Browser for Mac
    So between, safari, firefox, and opera which one is better?

    safari i heard is faster but for leapard (I still use tiger OS)

    firefox came out with the beta 3 and it seems quick

    I havent tried opera 9 yet, but will do

    any opinions?

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    Feb 05, 2008
    This is, as you've stated, purely opinion. Although I really like Safari, I've been using Firefox lately.

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    Well the "best" is purely subjective. I think most Tiger and Leopard users tend to prefer Safari. I use Firefox on my Powerbook because it runs 10.3 and Safari hasn't kept up on that version of the OS. I used to use Opera on Windows, but haven't given it a much thought since switching. I think I may look at it again for kicks now that you mention it.

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    This previous post might help you decide:

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    I prefer to use Firefox. Safari lacks in a few things I like on Firefox. That's my reason for using FF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaNoHair View Post
    This previous post might help you decide:
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