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    problem with download big program (400MB)

    thanks for the nice forum

    i want to download program (JDeveloper ) and its size around 400MB
    every time i download its hangs or stop in first 50 MB and i must return it second time so it begin from 0 KB
    i used download plugin from Safari

    is there any program that keep downloaded size and continue where the last time finish ?

    i hope my need is clear because iam not an english native speaker

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    You need a download manager program that will allow you to resume without losing what you've already received.

    I just did a Google search and found three of them. However, they're shareware and require a registration fee. You might have better luck and find one that's free or maybe someone else will suggest one.


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    G'day Elsa and welcome to the Forums.

    Your post does not say but presume you are using broadband of some description? If so should not fall out after 50MB if set up properly. If you are using dial up big problems as the file is just too big and that 50MB will probably be the two/three hour limit.

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