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    Set CPU in Parallels?
    So I've been contemplating getting an old ibook G3 clamshell from ebay. I'm not going to be using it for anything fancy, just real basic stuff, plus, they look super cool

    I have Parallels, and was thinking of setting up a VM to get an idea of how much the machine will be able to handle. Is there a way to set the CPU of the VM to 366MHz? I don't see an option like that in the configuration panel.

    Also another problem that I just realized. There's no option for a Mac os in the parallels list. Can you run another version of Mac (I was gonna try Panther) using Parallels? What option would I choose to do that?

    Thanks guys.

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    Uh... I'm not clear on what it is you want to do. You want to use Parallels on your current computer to simulate the CPU of the G3 that you are thinking about buying? No can do. Even if you could set the CPU speed, you are dealing with an entirely different architecture, and OS for that matter. Any comparison you think you could draw would be wholly inaccurate.

    And no... you can't use Parallels to run any version of OS X. You also can't use it on a G3 for any reason.

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    Yea, I wanted to simulate the experience I would have on the G3, but I guess it's not possible.


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