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    CS3 installer problems on Intel Macs
    I have a new (last week) imac 2.4, and have been trying to install my CS3 design premium suite for the last 2 days!! The suite is 1 year old, so pre Leopard, and pre 2.4 imac.
    It worked fine on my older G4, but on this mac, it runs the installer for no more than 10 seconds, then come up with 'an error has occurred, please contact Adobe ect ect'

    I have rang them many times but they say it should run. My mac is on Leopard, with almost no programs loaded yet. I uninstalled Flash player, uninstalled safari 3.1.2, still no joy.

    Any ideas, I really need these apps to run, please help me!

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    is there a scratch on the disk?

    I know for CS2 on my machine I had to run the installer from the root account to get it to install - but I do not know if you have the same problem

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