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Thread: Transitioning From Windows: Need CSS Editor, Acid Equivolent, etc.

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    Apr 16, 2008
    Transitioning From Windows: Need CSS Editor, Acid Equivolent, etc.
    OK, here's the short list:

    • Style Sheet Editor - Something like TopStyle Lite (free!) would be great.
    • Acid 4.0 Equivolent - OK, I haven't fully worked with Garage Band so if you say it can do it all, then I'm fine. Acid did have some features that made looping really fast though. Any advice on a new direction to go would be great.
    • Sound Forge 6.0 Loop Editor - This tool came with Acid and let's you design your own loops and encode them. More advice on this would be great; I'm ready to go the Apple way on this one too.
    • C/C++ Compiler - Unix command line version is great or something with an IDE. I'd like to have cc for sure for terminal sessions just for the fun of it. Hopefully, there's some sort of freeware one because I'm not interested in programming for a living any more.
    • ThumbHTML (Win) - This little freeware application let you make thumbnails in batch from a directory of photographs. It even generated HTML code for display or slideshows. Very cool freeware program. Anything on Mac like this?

    BTW, I will return to using a Windows machine if someone points a gun at my head but only then and I may have to think about it for a few seconds.

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    - Check out CSSEdit for pure CSS goodness, or Coda for an awesome interface including a lot of CSS goodness.
    - Any thoughts on Logic Studio? My friend who uses that was telling me there's no software like Logic.
    - Not sure what this ThumbHTML is. Although I'm sure there's something better than that for Mac OS X

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    Thanks, I love pure CSS goodness. I just code in straight HTML now and work the style sheet separately.

    I'll check into that one. The only one I've heard about is Ableton Live.


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    Apr 16, 2008
    I found another thread talking about Acid and apparently Ableton Live is the equivalent of Acid plus some.

    I'm getting closer to getting through Windows detox. I'm on my second day now.

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    Acid may have been a match for Ableton Live 4 or 5 or so, but verisons 6 and 7 stomp all over Acid, IMHO. Some people would disagree, but Live is pretty much the de-facto performance software out there, and it runs best on Macs (laptops) for live performances. Plus you get almost a fully fledged sequencer now, plus a host of instruments.

    Logic Studio 8 is very good, and although the workflow takes some getting used to, it does have full loop editing, automatic tempo matching and time stretching, plus aroung 50GBs of Samples built in (all for $500 or $150 is you're a student), you really can't go wrong. It's more like Cubase than anything else, but a lot easier to use and you get a lot more bang for your buck (in terms of instruments and effects)

    In fact, if you had Logic AND Ableton 7 together, there is virtually nothing you couldn't do on a Mac, audio wise.

    Core Audio really is something very special indeed. Say adios to drop-outs forever.
    In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is stoned to death.
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    I found a freeware editor that is just amazing. I was using a freeware one called Crimson Editor for programming that looked a lot like the Visual C++ 6.0 IDE from Microsoft. Along with the ability to edit code quickly it had a keystroke macro feature that allowed for some quick work on repetitive tasks.

    Fast forward to Smultron. Smultron is an equivolent product and then some. It's most endearing feature is the ability to compose bash shell scripts that integrate with the editing session. This means that any command available at the terminal shell is available within the editor. I just wrote a script that loads a standard html template I like. You can sort items in the document, insert system time/date, and do just about any task you can write a bash script for. There's unlimited commands available also (Crimson had a ten command limit).

    I'm in heaven!

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