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    Syncing a Windows Mobile 6 phone with a Mac.

    I will soon be purchasing the SCH-i760, and yes it has Windows Mobile 6 and I was wondering if there is a syncing program, preferably free of cost, that would work on my MacBook. It is an Intel based mac and running Leopard. Just wanting to sync Mac's Mail program, iCal, and Address book.

    Any help?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I don't know of any free options, but The Missing Sync is a great way to sync Windows Mobile phones with a Mac.

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    Another vote for The Missing Sync. It's $40, but it works.

    There is also a freeware option called SyncMate. I didn't have success with it, but others have.

    Try SyncMate. It it raises your blood pressure fiddling with it, then just go ahead and buy The Missing Sync. There aren't many other options.

    Also, don't bother trying any older versions of Missing Sync which you might obtain from friends, online, wherever. Only the newest version is Leopard compatible.

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