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Thread: Importing folder structure of images into iPhoto

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    Importing folder structure of images into iPhoto
    Does anyone know of a way in which I can import a multi-level folder structure full of images into iPhoto, so that each folder gets imported as its own individual album? ...and if the particular folder happens to be nested within another folder, then that folder would be imported into iPhoto as an album which appears nested within an iPhoto folder?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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    In iPhoto's current state, it can't be done. If you have a substantial number of folders that can't easily be sorted though in the heap of events iPhoto compiles in no particular usable order, then you'll need to look elsewhere.

    You might have success with Aperture or Adobe Lightroom which allow for nested folders and alphabetize large groups of folders so you can find what you want.

    You can also use the Windows method and create your own folder system similar to My Pictures. Cover flow in the Finder provides a pretty cool interface to view them.

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