I realise there are stacks of threads about this issue and this is more a general question following some observations over the last few weeks.

A couple of months ago my parents (around 70's) bought a macbook each, lack of virus and garageband were the clinchers... plus the slight advantage that with Leopard screen sharing I could log on remotely and fix their problems!

We have happily been running for a few weeks with regular iChat Video conferences, but I have started to observe a trend.

If we attempt to do an iChat between 6pm and 9pm there are the connection issues where the video (or screen sharing) will not start... usual issues 'no response'.. 'communication error'. I can't prove it yet but was wondering if our ISP (British Telecom in both cases) is actually doing something in peak hours that restricts iChat??

I know we are both getting fast enough links by testing at www.speednet.com, Dad gets 5800 download and 384 up, I get 2800/300.
Those speeds are confimed even during the times when the link will not work.

Any thoughts?