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    Apr 13, 2008
    Unhappy is there anicon for adding hyperlinlks to email ?
    Is there a quicker way "or" an icon that can be added to mail toolbar that can make it easier to add a web site link or (hyperlink)?
    I currently paste the link in a new mail message and then highlight it, then right click it then select "link" then "add" then paste the link again and finally done. too slow a process when all I wanted to do was paste the hyperlink and be done with it. mail does not seem to recognize it as a hyperlink.

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    Mar 04, 2008
    You can just paste the link and be done with it. When you send the message, it'll work as a hyperlink on the other end. It just doesn't appear that way when you are writing the email.

    Or if you have the webpage open, you can click and drag where the favicon is in the address bar right into your email message. You still won't be able to click on it, but it'll look more like a hyperlink and it'll be named the title of the site instead of all the

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    lol, I didn't know that it would automatically post as a link.

    Hey, it works just like Mail

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