I synchronise two Macs with .Mac but I seem to have disabled syncing for this one (Macbook 10.4.11). On realising it wasn't syncing, I tried to enable it in iSync preferences but found that iSync doesn't work. On trying to open it, only two of the menus appear in the menu bar - iSync and help but neither of them work. Right-clicking on the application icon in the dock shows "last sync %@". If I try to sync devices, then a window pops up telling me that "Synchronization is not enabled on this computer. You need to turn on synchronization in iSync preferences before you can synchronize any information."
At this prompt the two menus in iSync do open but there is no preferences option! I have tried trashing the iSync application and re-installing using Pacifist but the exact same situation crops up. Any thoughts most appreciated as it's a real pain!