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    good note taking program for school
    Anyone know of any good programs for taking notes in school. I'm taking electronics engineering. I would like to find a program where I can quickly and easily take math notes, including all necessary symbols, proper looking fractions etc. An added bonus would be a program that I could easily piece together circuit diagrams in and place notes quickly and efficiently around them as needed.

    I think that Microsoft OneNote is a pretty good program and if I'm not mistaken has a math add-on. However I would love to avoid using XP as much as possible. Trying my best to only use parallels if absolutely necessary.

    I got the midrange Macbook not even a week ago. First Mac ever! Thanks for any help in advance!

    - JohnnyAngel

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, JohnnyAngel.

    Have a look at MacUpdate and search for note+taking. You could probably try out some of the software before buying it.

    Look for recent apps, no use looking for old ones, they might not be compatible with your system. And look for Universal Binary apps.

    Universal Binary apps have this icon associated with them :

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    There's a Math something section in Apple's Downloads page. You might wanna try Staff Picks there, you're sure to come across something.

    Until you do find something, to hold on I guess you can use actual paper.

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    that defeats the purpose a little bit don't you think? Let us know if you find a decent one please johnny, i'm in the market for the same kind of program. i use notebook at the moment for general subjects but to my knowledge it does not have a math function built into it.

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    Sticky Brain is a note program similar to "Stickies"
    Circus Ponies is a note organizer and note taker i think

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