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    Firefox shortkeys help
    I was wondering if there is a shortkey to get to sites quickly on the firefox. I want something like safari where you press "command + 1,2,3..." to get to sites quickly. If there isn't built in there any add-ons i can install on firefox?

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    Wow, I never knew that even existed in Safari, even though it's clearly marked in the bookmarks menu

    I wonder if you could assign your own keyboard shortcuts in system preferences for that in firefox? Sorry, I don't know of any add-ons, but thanks for cluing me in that it is there in Safari.

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    I think Safari is the better Browser, I find it scrolls better with the up and down keys on the MacBook, where Firefox jumps, it is just not smooth

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    I would prefer firefox since i think it's better streaming videos. this shortkey thing is the only thing preventing me from switching. it makes life so much easier to get to any site in your bookmark with the press of 2 buttons

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    Try the add-on Speed Dial in Firefox 3 Beta 5.

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