I've been split between posting this topic in Hardware forums and posting it here. I decided the latter was more relevant since it has to do with software performance rather then specific hardware issue.

I'm thinking of expanding my Dual mirror drive PowerMac storage for performance and semi-temporary storage.

My requirement for this upgrade is mostly for iMovie/iDVD processing performance and has to do with disk swapping and encoding DV stream for final DVD burn output.

I'm thinking of getting internal PCI RAID card for RAID 0 set-up for speed. The OS and other data storage will still live on my ATA-100 mhz bus.

So my question is, what is the ideal set-up for fastest processing of iMovie effects and encoding iDVD project for DVD? Does the iMovie/iDVD swapping happen on the disk(s) the project is saved on, or on the OS volume? If it's the OS volume, would I still gain considerable speed through read/write to RAID?

I need opinions people