Hi there.

I'm a happy Tiger owner, and am considering upgrading to Leopard for a variety of reasons, including Time Machine.

The idea of having everything on my computer backed up automatically seems like an amazing idea, and would love it.

However, I have a MacBook, with a 60 gig hard drive; I HAVE NO ROOM for basically anything except a few documents and programs. So, I've been using an external 60 gig hard drive to house my iTunes library and iPhoto library; whenever I want to listen to music or look at photos I simply plug it in; not too big of a deal.

How would this work with Time Machine? I would need to get ANOTHER external hard drive, right? But I thought the Time Machine software can only use one disk (the one IN my computer)?

I guess what I'm trying to say is, can ANOTHER external hard drive (or time capsule), hooked up with Time Machine, back up the hard drive that I house my iTunes and iPhoto libraries on AND the main computer (with the documents)?

Xiexie, merci, gracias, thank you.

I did this