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    Quicktime Problems
    Let's start of by saying, I'm a PC girl... so I'll need to be handheld through some of this.

    First, some specs. I'm working from an iMac running OS X 10.2.8 Already, you can see it's a bit behind, but there is no need to upgrade for anything that's been running on it.

    Recently I downloaded a video in .mp4, but due to the old OS it wasn't playing. Trying to be creative, I checked around for codecs. <---First sign I'm not used to Macs, right?

    Anyway, after trying to install a few things and have nothing work, I gave up.

    However, now Quicktime isn't running. I tried to uninstall, but couldn't find a way... So, in my brilliance, I just deleted the folders.

    However, the OS still recognizes Quicktime as being installed, so I can't reinstall it. I can't upgrade either, as there are no higher versions supported for the OS past what I have/had.

    Someone please help?

    If this belongs in Programs, I'm sorry.

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    You can look in your systems folder for the following: Library -> Receipts -> QuickTime740_Tiger.pkg. QuickTime740_Tiger.pkg is the version on my system. If you delete this file I believe that you will be able to load quicktime again.
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