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    Entourage 2008 size limit
    Hello all,

    Does anyone know if Entourage 2008 suffers from the same problems as MS Outlook 2003 in regards to the size limit of the mailbox? Outlook 2003's mailbox (.pst file) gets corrupted if it exceeds a 2 GB limit. This is a problem for me as I get ALOT of email and I sometimes exceed that limit even with the archiving.

    If Entourage suffers from the same functionality, could anyone recommend a email client more sophisticated than Mac's Mail that does not have these issues?

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    I used to have the same problem. When I switched to Entourage, I imported 8.5gb of Outlook emails. To get around this in Outlook, I created different folders organized by dates.

    MyEmails 2006
    MyEmails 2007
    MyEmails 2008

    You get the idea. Each has it's own .pst file created for it.

    I do not know if Entourage will have the same issues, but I found this to be a workable solution in Outlook and plan on continuing to use it in Entourage.

    You may already do this, but be sure to permanently delete your deleted items frequently. When you delete an email with a 5gb attachment, it doesn't really get deleted. It just gets moved to your Deleted Items folder. You have to manually empty this folder to get rid of the attachment and regain the space.

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