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    Can I rotate movie 90 degrees?
    Using iDVD Ver 6. I took some movie footage using my P&S Sony with the camera vertical instead of horizontal. Is there a way to rotate the clip 90 degrees in iDVD?

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    Here is one way but it's with imovie HD 6 and quicktime pro.

    1. Import the footage to imovie and export it as a DV formated quicktime file. If you can find another way to make quicktime read the file that's ok too. Maybe it can read the file as is. I don't know.

    2. Open file menu in Quicktime pro.

    3. Select video track from the left hand menu.

    4. Select size from the right hand pop up movie.

    5. Use one of the rotate buttons (circular arrows) to rotate the clip.

    6. Save the file and import back into imovie or idvd or whatever.

    I haven't tried this but it looks like it should work. I will hunt around for other ways too.

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    There is a free app called TransformMovie that will do it.

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