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Thread: Garageband 08 voices vs. GB 3

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    Garageband 08 voices vs. GB 3
    Sorry to abbreviate DB but I didn't want a huge post name . Anyway, I am wondering if by upgrading to iLife 08, will I lose any instruments, like the effects that go on Real Instrument recordings, software instruments, or even just loops, from Garageband 3, as I have a lot of stuff to finish/improve, and want to make sure there are no compatibility issues. Like, heres a (totally unrealistic, and probably not necessary to my question) scenario: I made a song that uses every single apple loop, software instrument, real instrument effect, and AMG Expansion pack software instruments (no jampacks). Will this song be exactly the same if I update to 08 and bring the song in, or will I have to replace some instruments? Thanks in advance .

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    From my limited experience, I upgraded and doing so lost the links I guess you could call it to the loops I used. Some of those loops don't exist anymore in the newer version.

    I think that the new GB gives you the possibility to save your tune with the loops (I think... haven't played with GB in a long while, sorry) so maybe that will fix this problem for future versions of GB.

    But I also have to say I had used freebie third-party loops and they can have cryptic names so it makes it hard to tell how to recreate the links.

    But I'm sure more experienced GB users will jump in here and shed more light on the subject.

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