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    Aperture vs. Photoshop
    how does aperture compare to photoshop? which one should i buy or are the two programs made for completely different things?

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    They have some similarites, but other than that, they are two different applications. Is this for editing photos or organizing?

    Aperture and Lightroom are the two apps for a photographer, where photoshop is for any and all image editing.
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    As was stated, Aperture is for photos only. Photoshop can be used to edit all types of image files. Photoshop is also outstanding for the advanced editing of photos. (+1 for Photoshop)

    Photoshop cannot be used to organize your photos. It simply opens an image that you point it to the way a word processor opens a document. Aperture has a library that allows you to organize your photos. It has the organizational abilities that are missing from iPhoto. You can create hundreds of albums and projects AND IT ALPHABETIZES THEM so you can actually find what you're looking for (unlike iPhoto). (+1 for Aperture)

    I use them both. I maintain my library w/ Aperture, but edit w/ Photoshop as I find Photoshop much more comfortable to work with. I came from a PC background and used Photoshop on the PC previously, so this probably accounts for my bias towards Photoshop.

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