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    Where to buy Mac software?
    The title pretty much says it all... Where is the best place to purchase Mac software? Mostly, I am looking for games. There is a Fry's, and an Apple store in the area, but these are definitely not close. My suspicion is that the best selection and price would be online. So, where do you guys buy your Mac games?
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    If your local Fry's is anything like the one here in Dallas, they just don't have much in the way of Mac software.

    Once I find something I want:
    For small developers selling their products at reasonable prices, I like to download and buy it direct from them.
    For retail box sets, you can try Amazon and google is always good. Just make sure you end up at a reputable site. An extra $5 off at somewhere you've never heard of is not necessarily a better buy.
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    From the deleted spam post...
    Farge gave this useful link, the rest was spam and the post was deleted.

    I would suggest you look up and for releases, hang around here to find about new software versions, and there is also Apple/Downloads's RSS feed that lets you know of new software being released. Here's the link to the RSS feed : Downloads - Mac OS X - Just Added.

    Once you are curious about software you've seen on those websites, a lot of the developers will let you try the apps before you buy so that's cool too.

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