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Thread: mail problems

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    mail problems
    Hello, I just got my first macbook pro and have a question about mail. It was really easy to set up with my gmail account but it isn't recieving all of the emails?? The ones coming from this adress are fine but others ones are not coming into mail. I have thunderbird on another pc also getting these emails but seems to get them fine from this site as well as others not showing up here. Any ideas?

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    im bringing back up this topic because i also am having the exact same problem.. anyone know how to fix?

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    I had something very similar.

    With gmail (which i am currently using with Mail) You have a choice to use POPŁ or IMAP i use IMAP so if your using POP3 which to IMAP see if it makes a difference.. if your already using IMAP go into your gmail account using web browser and stop IMAP and start it again thats what started it working again.

    This is not a definate fix its just something that made it work for me.


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