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    Standby password
    Hi all,

    I have a blackbook running OSX and have the password requirement enabled.
    When I close the screen or it automatically goes to hibernation mode and then reopen again the password prompt sometimes does not display, only a black screen and the cursor. The only option left is to close the screen and open again. This always rectifies the problem and displays the password prompt mini screen.
    It seems like a program glitch to me? Has any one else any experience with this please or is this something I just have to put up with?

    Many thanks in advance

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    This happens to me sometimes as well. I will either let it sit, moving the mouse around a bit, and the prompt will become visible. Or, I do what you do and close the lid, wait and then reopen it.

    If anyone knows why it does this, I'd be curious to know as well.
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