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    Adium ?'s
    Hello all,

    New to Adium, well, new to Mac in general. Loving just about everything except my own learning curve. Anyway, after reading through the forum, I decided Adium would be a good idea to use. I love it so far except I can not get emoticons to work in either direction during conversations. People I chat with can not see mine and I can not see theirs. It is coming and going across as the key pad characters (example: is coming across as colon/parenthesis). I have looked through preferences a few times with no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone~

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    I just started using Adium too, so I'm not an expert on it yet. I would check in the preferences under appearance. Maybe you have emoticons set to none.

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    Hey. I just downloaded Adium also... well a week ago or so... Adium wont show moving icons and such... I don't know why but... It might not be ale to handle them. Hope this helps sorta. ~RAM

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