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    MSN for Mac questions
    hey, i just got a mac the other day and i installed msn, but some of my contacts display pics wont show up, any ideas why?

    another thing, how come i can't see any emoticons on my contact list? it just shows the keys used to make it

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    from what i can make out msn msgr for mac sucks!
    I mean to be fair its a competitors product, but you'd think it would work at least nearly as good as live msgr!!

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    Check out adium.. its the most recommended messenger for apple. it supports msn, yahoo, aim, and a couple other clients. Only thing that sucks is it doesn't do vid chats.

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    I can't really speak to what to do not really using messenger myself in a while but i assume you are talking about the main main window(contacts list) and the people are either blue or red depending on their status, correct? if so it will stay that way. In all truth ^ he was right i think you would be much happier. after windows is designed by the evil microsoft

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