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Thread: Email Host?

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    Apr 09, 2008
    Email Host?
    Hi all,

    trying to set up my email on my new notebook...

    Its asking for my incoming mail server. How do i find that information?

    Please help!

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    Apr 07, 2007
    what email? a work email or gmail/yahoo/hotmail? if its gmail or hotmail, you go to your options/help in the email online and it'll give you that information.

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    Apr 09, 2008
    Its a hotmail account... still can't find the information!

    thanks for your help

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    Apr 07, 2007
    I forgot that you have to be a subscriber (payed account) to have direct access to hotmail through a mail aggregator, BUT a quick google seach returned This step by step article Hope it works.

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    I would suggest gmail from Google, which works a whole lot better all the way around

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