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    Gaming on a notebook?

    I am waiting to recieve my macbook The midrange spec...

    I have a PS3 for gaming but I would like to run a couple of basic games on my macbook for commuting such as command and conquer. Is this possible? If so where can I get the games?

    Many Thanks

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    If you like Command and Conquer try the following:

    Hearts of Iron 2 - best WW2 strategy game ever
    Warcarft 3 - I'm not too keen on it, but many people think its a brilliant RTS
    Fallout 2 - Not sure if it works on Leopard but it has an amazing story line, just don't judge it on graphics alone!
    Europa Universalis 3 - Best Medieval Grand Campaign

    If your in the UK try or Amazon, apart from those, I'm really can't think of any other online shops apart from Macgames which is extremely expensive.

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    I tried to run C&C3 on my macbook and it was so laggy it was unplayable. BUT i'm on one of the first macbooks. 2ghz C2D and max ram of 2gb... so if your getting a new one, max out the ram to 4GB and see if it'll run for you.

    also theres a thread floating around somewhere about game compatibilities with macbooks and if they run well or not.

    and for the games you can get them from the apple store

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