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    Cant delete a mailbox in Mail
    Hello all, Ive been using Thunderbird for the past couple of years but thought Id give Mail a try - set it up with my three email accounts but since changing my ISP I cant use one of my old addresses anymore - my problem is that I cant delete that mail box.
    In Mail, on the left hand side I have the Mailboxes heading, then under that it says Inbox then under that I have my three email accounts. The one I want to deletes name is ghosted now but when I right click on it I can select delete mailbox, I get a Delete the Folder "XXXXX" warning box, I hit Delete but nothing happens.
    Any ideas?

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    *moved thread to appropriate forum - Question on mail client not OS X itself*

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    Ahhh sorry - thanks for moving it for me - was unsure of the right forum.

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    Have you tried to delete the account itself?
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    I was having the same issue.

    Go to "Mail" and click "Preferences".

    Under the "Accounts" running down the left side there is a "+" and "-".

    Click the "-" and the account will finally be removed.

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