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    Unhappy How-to: automatically Printing from Fash without "Print Box" Pop-up window?
    hi guys,

    i got a OSX question, maybe someone can help me,
    i'm working on a Adobe Flash (Flash version 9, actionScript 3) project, running on a core2duo iMac, it is connected to a printer (Xerox Phaser 6360).
    - the flash will be displayed in full screen.
    - it is a "create your own postcard- &- print it out" flash-based multimedia project.
    - so Flash will need to print stuff.

    issue is:
    - everytime when something need to be printed, macOS X will prompt a "Print Box" pop-up window say Cancel or Print (see my jpeg below).
    - so it might overlap on top of my Flash project, which is running full screen (so having the pop-up window overlapping my flash is no good).

    so i need a solution to avoid this, any idea?
    what i can think of are:
    A- is there a way to avoid/by-pass this step? meaning a way not to show this?
    B- or is there a shareware/way to "auto-click RETURN button" so even this screen appear it will be "auto-click" away.
    or ..C?

    i knew there is a Plug-in (or Xtra) for Macromedia Director called: Print-o-matic,
    the URL is:
    it work well on the Director on Mac OS7, but they only made it for Director & Authorware, not Flash :-(
    do you know something similar for Flash?

    this is the pop-up Print Box window (before printing):

    about the printer URL:
    High speed color for high volume printing - Phaser 6360

    hope i'm able to get a solution here.
    thanks guys,


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    Apr 08, 2008
    so does anyone got any solution for this issue?
    which is:
    able to print without showing the "print dialog box" pop-up window,
    pr any other way to by-pass the pop-up window,

    BTW, i'm adobe Flash + mac OS X 10.4

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, actiontintoy.

    There is an error in your printer driver (the exclamation point in the Print window) and maybe that's what is preventing you from printing.

    When I stop a printing job prematurely, I will get those. What I usually do to get the printer to work again is I go to the System Preferences -> Print & Fax.

    I highlight the printer that is stuck, click on the minus (-) sign below the printer list window, click on the plus (+) sign to reload it again.

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    Hi MacHeadCase,

    thanks for your reply. & glad to hear from u :-)

    actually my printer is printing well, no problem with driver, paper nor ink,
    & i want it to print & it print all the stuff correctly,

    is just that, on the Flash program i did, when i click "print" button, a pop-up Print dialog box will appear overlapping my flash program, now This is what i try to avoid, or by-pass.

    maybe let me explain a bit more about the issue i face, this is a Flash-based project for my client,
    the program is "make your own postcard design, & print it out"
    it is an iMac connected to the only printer.

    the project will be placed in a exhibition hall where public such as student, kids will be using it.
    So it is best that once user want to print, (when he click the "Print" button in my Flash program") it will print automatically.
    currently this extra "printBox pop-up window" will appear, so this will give user such as kids/student more chance to "mess-up" the program (as they now have more thing/option to play/mess with).

    my client has a old "almost the same program" done in Director + Mac OS 7, it has a Xtra called: Print-o-matic which allow it to print stuff by-pass this PrintBox window. so i'll want something like this for Flash.

    example of why pop-up is not good for my program:

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    OMG ! Mac OS 7 and Director ? Director 5 I betcha ? Ouch, that's gotta hurt.

    Are you sure that drop-down menu doesn't work in that window ?

    Well I'll let the Flash pros reply to you and help you out, I have no idea what you could do next. Really sorry.

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    Hello actiontintoy,

    I'm also trying to figure out a smart way to handle printing in Flash.
    For now I handle printing at the backend, not the frontend (flash client).
    This way you can just have a print button in Flash and send a print request to a backend server which handles the printing task. It works very well but makes it all more complex and costly.

    Another option would be to capture the print dialog with AppleScript or Automator. Unfortunately I haven't used any of those tools yet.

    While I'm writing this I realize that the computer/laptop where the flash client is running can also act as the backend server. It's still far from perfect but reduces the need for an additional server.

    If you need any information on my current print-setup, let me know.

    Did you find any good solution yet ?

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