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Thread: iPhoto issue

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    iPhoto issue
    Last night I was importing some pictures and videos from my digital camera to my macbook. I chose to delete the originals off the camera. At first it only imported half of my photos, and they were accessible through iPhoto and viewable. Then I imported the remaining photos. After doing this, the original half of the imported photos thumbnails were still intact but when i clicked for the larger image it was just a gray screen. It says the file sizes are 0, and when I went to track down the film roll folder, it was empty. Does anyone have any idea what happened to these pictures or how to get them back? I tried a media recover program on the memory card and couldn't access those specific pictures. The thumbnails are still showing up in my iphoto.

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    I think you may have lost the originals. Right-click on the thumbnail and select "Show Original File". If that isn't an option, I believe its gone. Suggestion (I think you might have learned this the hard way): Always check to be sure the image(s) are in tact on the computer before you delete them off the memory card.

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    I did that and its not coming up, but I did check to see if they were there after I deleted them off the card - Like I said, I checked to make sure they were in iphoto, then i imported a second batch, then they were inaccessible, this is why I dont believe theyre gone, they were there and I did nothinng to delete them

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