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    MS Powerpoint compatibility question
    My sister has 2 computers, 1 Windows and 1 Mac. She prefers the Mac. She needs to get MS Powerpoint for school. If she buys PP for Mac, will the presentations she creates be able to run on the Windows based computers at school?

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    Yes, they will. I just tested this, using Office Mac: 2004. I created a simple preso, put it onto a USB stick and tried opening it on my work laptop (PC, Windows XP), which is using Office 2003. Worked like a charm. Go ahead, it should be safe.
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    Sure. Just tell her to remember to "save as Powerpoint 2000 - 2004" as I'm guessing the school won't have Office 2007 installed on their PCs yet (and Office 2008 for mac uses the new Office XML formats by default that the older versions can't read).

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    I did this for Anatomy and Physiology class. It went back and forth between my Mac and the schools Vista. It also worked on the schools XP and I didn't do anything special for either one. It worked like native.

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    Works perfect but I prefer Keynote which does same thing just food for thought... ps ms office 2008 is also more impressive than i originally thought

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