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    I use usenet and am currently using hogwasher but the 60 day trial expires in 2 weeks and am looking for what most people use...

    I need mutli threading and a decent gui, I have in the past used Linux and PAN, Kilibido is there any opensource solutions that are worth installing??

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    Hogwasher is what I've used in the past and is probably the most fully-featured, but its interface is sorely in need of an overhaul. Thoth was a particularly popular one at one time, as was MacSOUP. Oh yes... and tin, which is very highly regarded by those who use it. You could also try Unison. Panic only first started developing it about 3 or 4 years ago and the early version was a bit weak, but they have continued to actively update and improve it, so it may be worth looking into now.

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    You might also try out Thunderbird! You may think of it as just an email agent, but it has a fairly full featured Usenet capability too. I have used it in the past and been pleased with it. I don't do a lot of Usenet, so I may not have picked up on the current "hot" features for it, but Thunderbird certainly had the feature set I needed. You might wish to give it a whirl.
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