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    Anyone have GH3 for Mac?
    Does Guitar Hero 3 work well with mac (is it even compatible?)? any bug issues or lag on the screen while playing, or does it calibrate nicely? Thanks!

    EDIT: Does xbox 360 controllers work for it? since the plug-in for them are just plain old USB plug-ins?
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    Not sure on how it works on a Mac, but lately I"ve been seeing the game GH 3 for both platforms, and I have seen the actual controller, it is the XBox 360 guitar, appears to be standard USB (At least MS was thinking when they did the 360, even the wired normal controllers work on a PC as do the wireless ones with a cheap to buy receiver and freely downloadable drivers)
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    I just bought GH3 for my MBP. It works really well. I hooked up my MPB to my HDTV and looks great.
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