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    Question OSX software for monitor video/audio capture
    anybody know of an OS X program that can record video from the SCREEN and not a just a (web)cam, and mic input at the same time?

    A professor at the university likes to use WMP11 (on a windows machine) to record his lectures; Basically he records the screen output and the mic input then puts it online for his students.

    well, as he put it "they replaced our nice dell with a mac mini" (personally i think a 'nice dell' doesn't exist...), so he just uses bootcamp and runs everything in windows on the mini, however it has problems (ram problems, i think) and gives error dialog boxes after about 10mins of recording (which of course he closes too fast for anyone incl. himself to read).

    all he ever does is complain about the mac and I'd like to show him what it can really do! I (assume) its a new mini, since its running 10.5 and is quite new. It should have basic specs of ~1.8ghz and ~1gb ram no? i'd think that'd be plenty considering how old that dell was!!! the video being recorded is around 300*300 pixels or something, very very small and very, very low quality.

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    Snapz pro can do that

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