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    Mail Trash only keeps a months' email
    I would like to retain mail in trash for long periods of time. But it seems to empty itself periodically...about a month at a time?

    I can't find any options or rules that are causing the Trash to empty.

    Any ideas about how to prevent this? Thanks

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    Go to Preferences from the Mail menu, then to Accounts, then Mailbox Behaviors. At the bottom there is an option for deleted items.

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    Well that's the darndest thing. I have been there. The settings under Mailbox behaviors are:
    checkmarks in the boxes for Move deleted messages to Trash and store deleted messages on server
    the permanently erase feature is set to 'never'.

    That's why I can't figure out why it keeps disappearing stuff from Trash.

    Thanks for responding, any more thoughts?

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    is the problem that they are not on the server or no longer in your mail app?

    there are two different settings for an email account that have to do with mail deletion.
    in mailbox behaviors you have a setting for your trash folder. check off the box that says "move deleted messages to a separate folder." From there choose how often you want your deleted messages to be removed from that folder and erased. i choose never.

    under the "advanced" tab you can choose how how long they remain on a server. you can leave the "remove copy form server after retrieving a message" blank and it will stay on the server. if you check the box you have five options for how long a before an email copy is removed from the server Right away, after a day, after one week, after one month, or when moved from inbox

    hopefully this helps a little

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    thanks for your response. On my mailbox behaviors setting for trash, i don't see an option to create another folder. It simply asks if I want deleted messages moved to the Trash mailbox. It is set to never.

    What you reference in your second paragraph I find NOT under the advanced tab as you suggest but on the same Mailbox Behavior Tab in the Trash box. It has been set to store deleted messages on the server and never erase them.

    I'm on Leopard, if that makes a difference.

    Thank you.

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    Same problem, Mac mail is deleting mail from my Trash folder (kept on .Mac) every day, just keeping one month's worth of messages. This seems to be a recent happening. The preferences are set to "Never".

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