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needles102 04-02-2008 11:06 PM

software transfer tiger to leopard- lost dvds!

I've recently purchased a Macbook Pro with Leopard (10.5.2). I have an older desktop running Tiger 10.4.11 and I'm trying to get Final Cut Studio 2 from one computer to the other. I've lost the installation disks. Is there a way, using an external hard drive, to transfer my applications? A friend told me to drag the application from the application menu directly into my external hard drive, and then copy it to my Macbook Pro. This doesn't work for me. Am I missing certain files that need to be transfered? I'm not a Mac person yet, I'm just getting into Macs!

Thank you for your advice!

harryb2448 04-03-2008 06:26 PM

You may well have to look out for CS3 which is reported to be Leopard compatible as Adobe have advised CS2 will not be updated. Here is a link to Apple Discussions.

Maybe you could try dragging CS2 to the desktop and burning on to a DVD and seeing if this will install?

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