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    Terminal Emulator (ADDS Viewpoint A2)
    Hi all, new here, and fresh back to the Apple world after many years.

    Well after the past few days of searching pages and pages of nothing but people wanting to play PS and Sega on their mac, I have come here to ask-

    Is there a decent Terminal Emulator, primarily one that handles ADDS Viewpoint A2 emulation? I have come accross Macwise and that works great, but I was looking for something that I dont have to give up an appendage for since the company wont pay for Macwise. Having saved up and bought my new MB last week, the cashflow is a little tight at the moment.

    I used AccuTerm (company supplied) on my old Gateway when I'm on the road to connect to my corporate server, Now I have my shiny new Mac and dont want to leave it at home, nor do I want to carry around 2 laptops. I have fooled with bootcamp already, but really dont want to waste the precious HDD space on windows, at least not until I order the 320gb later this year.

    Well now that I have thrown enough useless info into my question, does anyone have any good ideas or suggestions. I have messed with *nix code in the past so not scared of that, just not an expert, I still rely on tutorials and such.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Apr 01, 2008
    Falling Waters, WV
    MacBook 13" 2.2/1gb/120gb/8xSD - 8gb iPhone

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    Oct 21, 2010
    I need one too, but accuterm works in Wine
    I'm using accuterm in Wine right now (Wine Bottler), but that is not idea... really no one has an adds viewpoint terminal? I actually want one for ipad too.

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