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    move vs copy files
    I am getting frustrated and wonder if someone can help.

    I have been ripping DVDs for my iTouch and have been saving the files on the desktop until I bought an external hard drive. I now have the external hard drive and every time I attempt to move the files from the desktop to the external drive I am only permitted to "copy" and not "move" the files. I can "move" from desktop to hard drive but not to external hard drive.

    I know that I can copy and then delete the files from the desktop but am wondering if there is something I can do to alleviate that step.


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    Sure, hold down command while you drag the file.

    There is no such thing as "move a file" when you're dealing with two different drives. Command-drag will COPY the file, then DELETE the original for you.
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    Thanks. I will try that later.

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