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Thread: rootkit?

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    HELP i have a new mac.i was file sharing.and downloading from limewire.i opened up a movie or song file.don't remember witch.but this girl starts dancing around on her computer never has been the same.i even erased the whole hard replaced the logical board and hard drive .now the commputer monitor comes on and off in 3 min interveles at random.there is no way to stop it when the screen dim's black except to power off,or wait till it's done.other symptoms.
    safari randomly shuts down.
    apple esc command should bring up force quit menu.but front row comes up instead.
    slow internet,slow everything.
    also can hear hard drive inside laptop working hard when antivirus programs are running or if im setting up accounts or using webpages thats require account password.any suggestions?

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    First suggestion would be to quit using limewire.

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