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Thread: Windows Popup now on Mac?????

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    Angry Windows Popup now on Mac?????
    Ok... first time I've gotten this since I've been on XP... What the??

    See the popup window in the center? And see the lower right corner of my desktop?

    I maximized that and some auto virus scanner started running. I immediately Quit safari.........

    What IS this?? How did this happen?
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    It's a java or javascript advertisement to try and get you to buy the antivirus app, which runs on windows.
    I doubt it's actually doing anything.
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    Oct 25, 2004
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    My question is how come I got it? It's the first popup I've gotten on my mac WITH popups disabled....

    I'm just hoping this isn't going to be some ongoing thing like it did with XP.

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    I get the few rogue pop-ups too when Internet browsing with Safari, with pop-up windows disabled. I guess a few programmers have some type of Java script or whatever to circumvent pop-up blockers.

    With some Safari add-ons like SafariBlock or the fully licensed Saft, you can add the URL of the offending window (if you can catch it) and add it manually to the blocked material.

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    And I can tell you, don't ever allow that MalwareAlarm onto your computer.

    Just had a friends' XP machine in the house that had installed that stupid thing, it's a real pain to get rid of requiring manually editing the registry.
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    The same happened to me with a few popups however i am sure no harm done!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MACyMouse View Post
    My question is how come I got it? It's the first popup I've gotten on my mac WITH popups disabled....
    No popup blocker/suppressor is 100% effective.
    There will always be popups or popunders that get through now and again.
    Your OS makes little difference.
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