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    AOL and Leopard Mail
    I am using AOL with OS X Mail, but the folders are messed up. My inbox receives everything, but there is no 'read' folder, and everything else seems to be stored under an AOL drop down list in Mail. Is there a way to remove this and get AOL to work seamlessly with Mail + 'read' folder for items in the inbox i have read.

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    I'm going to guess your AOL account in Mac Mail is an IMAP account? I don't think they have a POP3 server. If so, you don't have much control over it other than the ability to move messages into local folders (mailboxes).

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    Well, I use AOL with my Mail App. It was a little weird at first but got the hang of it pretty much right a way.

    You just don't have an "old mail" folder anymore and the emails you have read stay in your in box until you move/delete them or they expire from AOL. What I have done is to set up a saved mail folder titled "AAA" so it is at the top of the list of saved emails. I'm not sure how to edit folder in the mail app so I go to the AOL website and set up my folders there. Then I close and restart the mail app and my folders are updated. So now if I have read a random email and want to save it I drag it to that folder if I want to make sure it isn't deleted by AOL.

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