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    Which sync software do I need?
    I've looked on the internet and searched forums here, but I'm not savvy enough to answer my own question.

    I am a teacher and have a mac at school. I just purchased a mac for my home. I would like to sync a folder (my school documents folder...663MB) on the two machines through an external HD or Flash drive. That is, when I leave at the end of the day, I'd like to sync my folder from the school mac to the flash drive and when I get home, plug it in and sync it to a copy of the folder on my home mac. I want to keep it as simple and automated as possible.

    I've viewed the pages about foldershare, chronosync, rsync, and others and I can't figure out what the best solution for me is.

    Please help.

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    You can always just do a standard drag-and-drop...

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