.: Hello. I am running OS 10.5.2. on a MacBook, and Entourage 11.4.0. I use the MacBook with a wireless router in my home, and have had no problems downloading pictures and HTML in e-mail messages. My Entourage preferences are set to "Display complex HTML in messages", and "Show attached pictures and movies in messages."

I took my MacBook on a trip recently, and arrived home an hour ago. While away in Victoria, I used wireless routers in the homes of friends, and could not download pictures in e-mails. When I connected an ethernet cable however, the pictures could download without a problem. I assume this had something to do with the router settings.

However, now I am back home using my own router, and now I cannot download HTML and pictures within Entourage e-mails! If I plug an ethernet cable from my router into my MacBook, it works fine. I have no idea why this might be happening. Has anyone experienced this, or have any idea why this is happening? It is incredibly frustrating.

Thanks in advance for any help or guidance you can provide.