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    Question iLife & iWork
    So here is the deal.
    My mac crashed about 1 month ago and I sent it in to get fixed and they fixed it..

    Now I went to upload pictures and I'm missing all my iLife programs and iWork ones that came with my mac!

    I called the Mac 1800 number and they where no help.. I couldn't understand what they where saying... so now that do i do?

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    If you have the restore discs that came with your Mac, you should have the ability to reinstall the original applications that came with it. When you send in your Mac for repair they do a basic OS install so they can test and make sure it works, it's up to you to restore your software to factory specifications with the restore discs that came in the box.
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    But i used leopard install disks because I have leopard now

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    What? Ok, you can put in the discs, and have the option to install the bundled software. If your macbook began life with Tiger, then you will need those discs. The leopard disc, only contains the leopard operating system, not the iLife programs.

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